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When will you update the files to 0.5.4 on drivthrurpg ?

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DrivethruRPG is updated and now live!


I'll be honest and say that the cover art almost made me too scared to open the rest of the game, but I'm glad that I did! Adam's managed to capture the tenseness of games like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, and Clock Tower on the page, trading in blocky PS2-era graphics and jerky controls for the flexibility of the FiTD system. A perfect game for any time you want to feel spooked!


Just discovered this by way of comments on biggayuniverse's amazing "The Mansion Incident" and as a fellow massive RE (especially classic RE) fan, I was very interested. Is it a traditional (GM+players) game or a solo game, though? Given the price, I didn't want to blind buy and not be able to play it alone! :)


It's a traditional game! It also can work in a 1 x 1 (1 GM & 1 Player) campaign. The system itself is quite flexible in terms of how it can be shifted and changed around to fit your setting/genre.


Thanks so much for the quick reply. The game looks pretty awesome but I'll have to pass for now if it's not solo-playable, but I still might give it a try someday.

Ah, that won't do! I let my community copies run out, sorry!

Please grab one, and if you like the game come back and throw me a couple bucks. It's a core value to me that anyone who is interested in the game should be able to access it!

(you can also join the EtSH discord where you can find additional resources available!)


This game is a real remix of the Forged in the Dark formula, laser-focused on all the best parts of the survival horror genre.